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Investing in Women's Health and Wellness

Coyote Ventures is a venture capital fund investing in early stage startups that are innovating in women’s health and wellness, founded by Jessica Karr and Dr. Brittany Barreto, who are scientists turned entrepreneurs turned investors. Jessica was a Biochemist at Impossible Foods and has direct hands on experience building and launching novel products. Brittany is the director of FemTech Focus, host of the podcast featuring over 150 leaders in FemTech and a virtual community with over 1k FemTech innovators. Women’s health is a $1T+ global opportunity, and is an emerging industry due to the historic marginalization of women’s health. Coyote Ventures has completed its first investments is actively investing.

Founding Partner Brittany Barreto and General Partner Jessica Karr

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We focus on conditions that solely, disproportionally, or differently affect women that have a large opportunity for impact, that are science-backed, and for products or services that are accessible (economically, to diverse groups, or geographically).

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