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Meet Wile: The innovators supporting grown women to live life to the fullest

Updated: Nov 21, 2022


Midlife women are overworked, overstressed and overlooked—even though they are a consumer spending powerhouse. Created by women living this lifestage, Wile offers mood, stress and hormonal wellness supplements for women 40+. Using plant medicine and clinical studies to demystify and embrace the hormonal powers of grown women, the Wile product ecosystem supports the complex changes throughout midlife.

Why We Invested?

Society and marketers tend to treat women as geriatric and irrelevant as soon as their capacity to bear children starts to decline. Women know better. We enter our peak in our 40s, having gained an enormous amount of self awareness, career and life achievements, and a depth of wisdom and knowledge.

Yet our hormones are shifting. At age 40, women may start to experience perimenopause-related symptoms without realizing the source. Stress is at a high, and stress is both hormonal and tied to many “aging” or “menopausal” issues. Wile studies found 30% of midlife women do not really know what perimenopause is.

The medical community lets women down at this important time, with few good solutions or information to help tame the variety of symptoms that range from hot flashes, mood swings, sleep issues, and weight gain.

This is why Wile is here, and why we speak to lifestage vs the big “M.”

About Wile

It’s up to Gen X and Xennials to write a new story for this lifestage. It starts with what works:. Wile’s products balance western science with known herbal remedies to take a holistic approach. Formulated by female naturopathic physician and a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner, Wile’s formulations balance phytoestrogens, adaptogens, nervines, and herbs (see the Science page). Our team reviewed dozens of scientific studies showing phytoestrogens modulate perimenopause-related symptoms, then partnered with leading ingredient sources and manufacturers.

Wile has a stellar team in place with deep expertise and immense passion for wellness solutions for 40s+ women. The Founding Team – Gwen, Corey and Julie – have a breadth of experience in their products, the beauty, wellness and lifestyle sectors, and marketing and product development, making them well positioned to take the world of women’s wellness by storm. They are supported by celebrity founder and actor Judy Greer.

Our Journey Together

We met Wile when Coyote Ventures was in formation mode, and we quickly recognized Wile as the perfect example of the type of company we want to fund. They had an outstanding team, high quality products and brand, and were able to show flawless early execution and traction. At the same time, receiving traditional VC funding was not in easy reach, as many consumer VC’s are not comfortable with pre-revenue investments. Coyote Ventures had full confidence in Wile, was their first VC check in, and helped bridge the gap between angel and VC funding. Since investing, Wile has launched 7 products on their website, Grove Collaborative, and will be announcing retail partnerships soon!

Advancing the Conversation around Menopause

If every woman of a certain age experiences menopause, why is it so taboo for a woman at work to admit she’s experiencing a hot flash? Wile hopes to change the conversation around women’s hormonal wellness. They are part of a broader movement breaking the taboo around the menopause and grown women’s health. Wile offers answers and visibility to women entering the next phase of their lives.

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