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Meet The Flex Co: the innovators on a mission to help people with periods thrive

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

The Flex Co

The Flex Co. creates innovative solutions that are better for menstrual health and the environment. Menstrual products are just the beginning. They’re on a mission to create industry-defining products and services that set a new global standard for period health. The Flex Co. designs thoughtful solutions to manage menstrual health with sustainable and comfortable alternatives to tampons and pads.

Why We Invested?

Despite menstruating (usually) once a month, the topic is treated with stigma, taboo and distaste by many people. Our attitudes to periods have left the issues in the shadows, with limited innovation in the last 100 years. As a result, many people who menstruate experience pain, discomfort and inconvenience.

What differentiates them in the market relative to Competitors?

The Flex Co. strives to help people with periods thrive, to create inclusive dialogue around menstruation and provide affordable solutions for all budgets. Flex products spend years in R&D before launch so they can invent solutions to real period pain points such as leaking, bloating, cramping and odors, to provide 100% body-safe options for all people with periods. Their R&D process is customer-led, meaning that product design, marketing, and messaging are iterated on based on feedback from people who menstruate.

Six years ago they launched the most innovative period product since the tampon: the menstrual disc is worn internally for up to 12 hours, is disposable, is not linked to toxic shock syndrome, and is so comfortable, women forget that they’re on their period when wearing it. Unlike other products, it has the added benefit of mess-free period sex.

They quickly grew from a digitally native brand with one product, to a family of period products sold online and in top national retailers such as Target, CVS, and Walgreens. They are now the #1 sustainable period care brand online and at retail.

Why the Founder/CEO is amazing?

The Flex Co was born out of founder and CEO Lauren Schulte Wang’s frustrations with existing menstrual products and the limited solutions available. Building on her experience working for leading consumer brands and leadership roles at Upwork, Samasource, Autodesk, and Coca-Cola, she founded the Flex Co in 2015 to offer new solutions to real period problems. Since then, the Flex Co has grown a diverse and experienced team and expert board to shape the future of period health products.

How Coyote Ventures met the team, progress they have made since we invested?

Coyote Ventures met The Flex Co through partners at Halogen Ventures. Following a number of conversations, the partnership felt good on both sides and Coyote Ventures decided to invest. The Flex Co. aligns with Coyote Ventures’ mission to invest in under-resourced areas of women’s health and presents an opportunity to foster partnerships across other women’s health brands.

How the company is advancing the conversation around period problems?

As an innovator in the period health market, The Flex Co is a challenger brand speaking to the taboo topics of menstruation and women’s bodies. They are focused on prioritizing women’s comfort during menstruation and offering affordable, sustainable options. In this way, they are breaking open the dialogue on period problems to present new solutions.

Going forward: vision of the company

Periods are just the start of The Flex Co journey. They hope to continue innovations related to menstruation and reproductive health, such as fertility and menopause products. Through developing new products, the Flex Co hopes to innovate the market, break taboos and advance the conversation around the health of people who menstruate.

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